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Families in Transition

When a family loses a loved one or is engaged in a divorce, their world is fundamentally changed. These changes can create anxiety and uncover new concerns that need to be addressed. During these difficult times, it is important to find a team of professionals that has expertise and is sensitive to families in transition. Our firm understands the needs women, men and children have during a family transition.

Our team provides personalized guidance for each client. We know that the widowed or divorced spouse requires a certain kind of support and guidance compared to someone who is not facing these emotional and financial challenges.

Our three phased approach provides the time and structure required to help you deal with the urgent financial and family matters right away and the not so urgent matters when you have the strength and clarity to act on them.

During transition periods, several professionals are often called upon to work through the issues at hand. We are available to provide you with an experienced team, or be an integral part of your existing team. If you would like us to coordinate the activities and information of multiple professionals and advisors acting on your behalf, we are professionally prepared to do so.

To speak with one of our valued team members, please call 800.936.1752 or complete the form to the right and one of our team members will contact you.