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Did you make any Financial Resolutions for 2013?

| February 15, 2013

Did you make any Financial Resolutions for 2013?

Setting the right type of New Year’s resolutions is a great start.  But establishing financial goals is the easy part. Most people never give a second thought on how to make those resolutions a reality. Many people make their resolutions on December 31st and never look back. Do you think that is a plan for success?  Here we are to remind you to check yourself….

If you’re SERIOUS about accomplishing great financial goals in 2013, you’ll need to come out of the starting gate fast, focused and on track.   This will allow you to keep going at FULL SPEED through Q1 make steady progress throughout the year, and this will help you to see positive long-term results.

Why? Because, if you don’t make major strides towards achieving your financial goals from the start of January, you’re going to play catch-up for the reminder of the year……Here’s how to get back on track in February and keep moving forward if you are on the right path……

  1. Build a stronger cash reserve or emergency fund
  2. Make the maximum IRA Contribution or increase my 401-k contribution for retirement if suitable
  3. Create and follow a realistic Budget
  4. Create an action plan to eliminate debt
  5. Talk with my parents and people close to me regarding their estate planning strategies
  6. Execute and/or review my estate plan (wills, trusts, healthcare proxy, POAs, Homestead)
  7. Review Education Planning Goals
  8. Review Business Succession Plans
  9. Review protection needs and Long-term Care coverage
  10. Consult with a Financial Planner/Coach for a review of your existing plan

Most people shy away from uncomfortable discussions about money. But these conversations are necessary part of life. Please contact Richard Spriano for a complimentary review regarding your planning needs at or 617.965.7777.